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New Purple Squirrels Trailer


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Purple Squirrels has five 25$ Ultimate Dining cards to give away.

Here’s how it works. Check out our pilot Episode First Day/Last Day. Then head over to our official IMDB page and tell us what you thought in the review section. It’s that easy.

Five lucky reviewers will be chosen at random on February 23, 2015 to win an Ultimate Dining Card (valid at Swiss Chalet, Harvey’s, East Side Marios, Milestones and more) and will have their reviews shared with our social network.






Premier Announcement


After playing at capacity to an ecstatic audience on the eve of Saturday October 18th at Big Picture Cinema in Toronto, the pilot episode of Purple Squirrels, Toronto’s newest and boldest series, is set to hit the web on Monday November 3rd, 2014 at 8:00 pm.

Financed independently by Creators Michael Lippert & Craig Estrella, the first episode of Purple Squirrels was shot in two days, on a minimal budget, with a cast and crew of volunteers all local to the Toronto entertainment industry.


A half hour dark comedy that follows the trials and tribulations of a group of 20-somethings who get their first big break at a Downtown Toronto staffing agency, Purple Squirrels mixes the coming-of-age-in-the-big-city dramedy of HBO’s award winning Girls with the corporate office satire of cult favourite Office Space.

“We didn’t censor ourselves with this show.” Says Lippert. “Although it’s a comedy, we wanted it to touch on matters that were dark and real. Things that people could spot in their own lives. Toronto is an amazing city but it also has a lot of anger and frustration that isn’t coming across in our media. We pass homelessness and drug addiction every day on our way to offices that promise us the stars but where we could be fired or screwed out of a big promotion by a trusted colleague at any moment, on any day. We wanted that side of things to always be present under the laughs.”

“We were tired of seeing Canadians presented as the same goofy stereotypes over and over again.” Said Estrella. “We wanted to be funny, but we also wanted to push the envelope of what our broadcasters have deemed to be ‘acceptable’ content in Canada. I can’t name a single Canadian series that I can honestly see myself reflected in. I think Purple Squirrels will change that for a lot of people.”

Following its November 3rd debut on Youtube, a crowdfunding campaign will kick off to raise the money needed to produce Episode 2. “Everything about Episode 2 blows the pilot out of the water.” Says Lippert. “The pilot was written specifically to be filmed on a budget. The remaining episodes (eleven in total) were not. There are big things planned for this series. We need to secure the funds to bring them to life.”

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Last night, Tuesday October 8th, Purple Squirrels was at The Rivioli to celebrate the kick off of this year’s Indie Week in Toronto.
Our purple man chills with Social Media Manager Alix Thorne

Our purple man chills with Social Media Manager Alix Thorne

We had a few drinks .
Hung out with the fine fellows in Tiny Danza.
Caught a killer set from Indie Week 2013 award winners Sumo Cyco.
And hung out at the bar.
But our Purple Man has gone missing. This is the last anyone saw or had heard from him.

If anyone has any information on his whereabouts or sees him on the streets, please take a picture and send it to @PSquirrelsTO immediately with his location. We’re all very worried about him.


Purple Squirrels is a brand new half hour Canadian comedy series based entirely in Toronto, financed independently and comprised of 100% Toronto talent.

It tracks the trails and tribulations of three young grads who have all landed in the city and gotten their first big break out of the classroom as Recruiters at a Downtown Staffing Agency.


Mixing the coming-of-age-in-the-big-city dramedy of HBO’s runaway hit Girls with the hilarious corporate office satire of Mike Judge’s cult favourite Office Space, Purple Squirrels is poised to take over.

“There’s never been a show like this on the Canadian Television landscape,” said series Writer/Director Michael Lippert. “Canadians have a reputation for being portrayed as goofy or nice or cute. We were tired of that. We wanted to do something that was darker and edgier. Something that looked at the current state of affairs young people are faced with when hitting the job market, but maintaining the hilarity and irreverence that Canadian comedy is known for.”

On the decision to set the show in Toronto, Producer/Writer Craig Estrella offered, “We’re all from here. We all know the joys and frustrations that come along with living in Toronto but that we so rarely get to see projected in our media. This show represents a point of view that Torontonians have been waiting for. We live in one of the greatest, most diverse cities in the world. It’s time that it finally got to tell its story on screen.”

Filmed over the course of two days in June, Purple Squirrels was financed entirely by Lippert & Estrella, who managed to secure an entire cast, crew, office space and post production team to work on a pro bono basis.


“When I first read the script, I couldn’t get over how funny it was,” said star Jacob Hogan. “But it connected with something deeper. I am friends with people like the characters in this show. I am one of these people. I knew I had to be a part of it.”

“It was great to finally find a project that the people involved were passionate about and that spirit is what carried us through the long days on set,” added star Olivia Clarke. “This is the kind of project that only comes along once in a while. I’m so happy I could be a part of it and hope it can continue to find an audience and grow.”

“It’s incredible to me,” said Estrella. “There are so many talented people in this city who are willing to offer you their time and effort in order to help out independent art and put their name on something special. It’s proof that both the entrepreneurial and artistic spirit is alive and well in this city.”

On the choice to produce independently, Lippert offered, “We knew before a single word was written that no broadcaster in Canada would be willing to touch this material. We wanted to show the Toronto that we have lived and worked in. Knowing that corporations would never allow us the freedom to put that viewpoint on film, we decided we had to pay for the pilot ourselves.”

Purple Squirrels will be debuting theatrically for one night only on October 18th Cinema in Leslieville. Admission will be free to all those who register through Facebook.

It will then find its way to the internet where it will continue to live independently through crowdfunding or until picked up for distribution.

Be sure to keep up to date on all things Purple Squirrels including teasers and premier information on:

Twitter: @PSquirrelsTO

Facebook: /purplesquirrels

Web: www.purplesquirrels.ca

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    Hope you find your purple man prior to show opening!

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