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This half hour PURPLE SQUIRRELS test pilot was shot on location, in Toronto, at a real Recruitment Agency over a 48 hour period in June of 2014. Everyone who worked on it, did so on a volunteer basis and were paid entirely in laughs and smiles.

The episode, entitled FIRST DAY/LAST DAY , revolves around the hectic first day of three new grads who get their big break at a Recruitment Agency. While waiting for their half-an-hour-late boss Doug, Alex, Natalie and Simon meet their fourth college Sid, who immediately rubs Alex the wrong way. On the scene, Doug is informed that a back office accounting error resulted in him only having approval for three new hires. VP Petra pits the team against one another to see who can book the most job candidates into the office for interviews. The results will determine who will be getting let go. Nearly broke and not wanting to leave the decision to fate, Alex hatches a plan to protect his friends and teach Sid a lesson once and for all.

Lost Tickets Productions is currently redeveloping the pilot for broadcast.

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